Scientific Computation: Python Hacking for Math Junkies
Bruce E Shapiro
Sherwood Forest Books
Second Edition (5 juin 2015)

Présentation de l'éditeur
Computers are wonderful things. They improve our lives and produce works of art. Information and communication are free and available in ways that were undreamed of by many a generation ago.
And yet computers inspire fear when they are used improperly or misunderstood.
Everyone uses computers today. The typical student uses at least three: a portable notebook computer, a tablet, and a cell phone. None of these even existed before this year's college graduating class was born. So a reasonable amount of computer literacy is expected of everyone these days.
Though inspired by mathematics, much of the mathematical beauty of computation is largely ignored by both elementary computer science and introductory programming books.
This book is designed to help math junkies - anyone who likes math, studies math, or uses math in their daily life - learn about computation. The emphasis is on algorithms. It is appropriate for students with no prior programming experience as well as professional scientists.